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Erwachsene, Reife & Musiker Mitbewohner gesucht - langfristig / Adult, Mature & Musican Flatmate wanted - longterm. No Party WG.

Wohngemeinschaft mieten in Berlin

Stralsunder str.
13355  Berlin
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Miete inkl. NK
400.00 €
Kaution/ Genossenschaftsanteile
800.00 €
Wohnfläche ca.
20 m²
Teil- oder vollrenoviert
Verfügbar ab
Gas, Strom
  • Kabelanschluss
  • Küche: 1
  • Bad: Bad mit Fenster
  • Etage: 4
  • Möbliert/Teilmöbliert
  • Fußboden: Fliesen

The apartment is near U-Bahn Bernauer Str., In Wedding - Mitte.
At the Berlin Wall Memorial Bernauer / Brunnen Str. (5 min)

Die Wohnung ist in der Nähe von Ubahn Bernauer str, in Wedding - Mitte.
Am Berliner Mauergedenkstätte Bernauer ecke Brunnen str. (5 min)


Erwachsene Musiker Mitbewohner:
Read the ad by the end please and if you think you fit my description only then
write me your mail and introduce yourself? So you have a chanche to get an answer.
All the others who don´t read my ad before & contact me, send me copy & paste or other mails will deleted immediately!

I am retired, so in pension and I have a two room flat. One of the rooms is to rent,
for a grow up, down to the earth person who is mature, honest, adult, kind and can play some instrument. I am old school, a bit conzervative, quite, friendly person... So, you have to fit to me, with your age and life style.This is my private flat, no hostel, hotel etc...
This is also not a party / drug WG, but an adult, mature WG. For adults, balanced people who have their wild party time behind and have a goal in Berlin. Such as their job, study, language etc... & his / her on their way. After the everyday life in Berlin, the peace at home enjoys and appreciate it.

I've had some positive and several NEGATIVE experiences with my roommate so far. To each his own!
With nearly 4 million population of Berlin everyone has to find, the right one for him / her for it to work.So If you read my ad until end & feel addressed then write me your mail and introduce yourself? Otherwise, please don´t! & spare your comic remarks, energy & time, to absolutely have to say something to me.
You will need your energy and time in Berlin. Go carefully with it & click to next ad.
I am not looking for anyone I have to control, on the contrary!
I am looking for someone I don´t need or have to control! The one person; that suits me. Reliable, Honest, Trustworthy, Mature, Considerate, etc...

Thank you for your understanding and no matter who you are, what you hear, what drugs do you consume, how do you live, what do you believe in or don´t believe in?!


Gladly, can we meet over a cup of coffee, if you think that is what you are looking for? A little cozy, quiet apartment, without many people and parties, drugs, problems, etc.

In a 2 room apartment, a room (20m2 / fully furnished) is to rent.
Rent total 400.- € (warm) / moveable 1.2.2020 (maybe earlier possible...)
Only for one person. No pets, please.
The room is still to be had as long as this ad is active.

Included in the rent;
Use of washing machine, refrigerators, dishwasher, wireless internet, electricity,
Gas, kitchen equipment, furniture, bed, work table, cabinets, shelves ... etc.

- Long term (1 to 3 months trial period)
- Working or financially independent !!!
- 2 month rent as a deposit.
- Only for one person. Mature, calm, adult...
- No party WG & people, No techno& trance, electro music, alcohol - drug freaks,
- Musicians, honest, modest, quiet, mature, friendly people are welcome.
- I am a smoker that should not disturb him / her.
- No fanatics: political, religion or similar...
- No religious people who want to pray regularly or have to exercise their faith.
- No depressed, traumatized people taking antidepressants or being discharged from a psychiatry clinic.
- Also no martial artists, boxers, hip hopers.
- Only heteros.

It is not must be but I prefer a musician roommate and not a dj or

Immonet-Nr.: 37920419

Anbieter-Objekt-ID: A6P3B3Y_2GQBA4R-1942907

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